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Supercharge your healing practice…

Using a Quantum Dimensional Therapy Coaching System 'Aboukra Energetics' to Connect Into ‘The Field’ For Profound Healing results.

What We Cover?

Some of the topics we will cover.

A deep journey into the Nano-Subtle Energetic Template of the body...

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The Most Profound Healing System On the Planet

Using ancient healing techniques from Egypt combined with modern Quantum knowledge and understanding, your sessions will empower your clients to transform on many dimensions.

If you desire to get deeper more profound results. Attract a deeper level of clients. If you are called to work with the Quantum Field, the ancient esoteric wisdom from the Mystery Schools then this program is for you!


Life Re-Cognition & Quantum Energy Matrix

Learn the power of the Egyptian Meridian system to transform childhood and past life attachments. Accessing the Quantum Energy Matrix to clear the way to realign to the true you.

Free Energy Fields & Tags

Learn to work with energies outside of yourself and clear any interference with your mission. Here you will also learn how to remove tag's that shut clients down from expressing their fullness.

DNA Timeline Activation

Learn how to activate the DNA timeline to heal the past and activate an abundant future.

Chakra Matrix & Alignment 

Learn to work with the 13 Egyptian Chakras to transform the dimensional octave of reality.

Sacred Geometry & Quantum Physics

Learn the ancient sacred geometry healing techniques to realign the body and energy system.

Your Magic Activation

Learn how to connect with and channel through your unique healing magic. Receive the wisdom , knowledge and healing techniques specifically for you.

Dimensional Anatomy & Aboukra Energetics

Learn about the Nano-Subtle Energetic Template of the body and how to access, asses and align frequencies using the Aboukra Energetic System

Unprecedented Outcomes. Deeply Profound.

I was absolutely amazed, in a 15 minute session, with the disappearance of a 9.5mm lump on the base of my Achilles. It had been growing gradually over 6 months and was very sore to touch.

Whats Included?

The program runs over six months with learning modules once a month and Prac modules every week.

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Full manuals to compliment the learning modules

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Monthly half day learning modules over 6 months with experiential growth experiences.

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Members only resources portal with templates, scripts and resources

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Access to recordings of all learning modules.

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Weekly Practice Sessions between modules to integrate leanings

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Private Messenger group for support and collaboration between modules.

What Others Say

"It was a homecoming, an access to energies across space and time, an awakening."

"Loved feeling the energy flowing both within myself and others. Felt a bit like a coming home but to no home that I've ever known before."
Louise - Paralegal

"Thank you so much for this workshop. I found myself getting back to my space, the universe and others, it was fantastic. I look forward to doing more work with you and your team, thank you Marcus."
Wipi Rossingwald
Massage Therapist

"I loved the learning of another tool to enhance my self development and help my awareness grow and expand. 
The space created was sacred and one of the most profound I have ever experienced. A truly wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who dares to journey." 

Laura Wheeler

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Healing Abilities?

Find and connect with your deepest magic. The work that you are ultimately called to do. This is deeply dimensional work to help all heal and grow, profoundly.

Book in a call with the founder Marcus Bird and see what Activator Healer-Coach training can do for you and your practice.

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