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Supercharge Your Healing Abilities

A 3 hour online workshop for wellness practitioners to learn a new framework for healing clients on a deeper energetic level, using dimensional coaching techniques.


This is an On Demand Workshop, Click The Link Below to Get Access NOW!

What Others Say About The Workshop

This workshop is for you if...

You're interested in working with the energetic and quantum field

You are ready to delve into a deeper layer of healing with your clients

You have a desire to steer your sessions from a place of soul and intuition

You are curious about other dimensions and how they impact our human experience


What you will learn

  • How our energetic body impacts our mental, physical and emotional body

  • How to work with the quantum fields

  • The key steps to amplifying your intuitive techniques

  • How to ground and stabilise your clients frequency

  • How to work with multi-dimensional healing techniques

  • The most powerful way to incorporate ancient wisdom with modern science into your practice

  • How to give your clients an experience so profound and unexplainable that they can’t help but refer their network to you

What Others Say

"Thank you so much for this workshop. I found myself getting back to my space, the universe and others, it was fantastic. I look forward to doing more work with you and your team, thank you Marcus."

Wipi Rossingwald
Massage Therapist

"I loved the learning of another tool to enhance my self development and help my awareness grow and expand. 
The space created was sacred and one of the most profound I have ever experienced. A truly wonderful experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who dares to journey." 

Laura Wheeler

About Your Host


Marcus Bird

After following a corporate career for many years Marcus realised that this was not his calling, that there was something more for him. This is when it happened! Marcus gave himself Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had to leave the corporate world. ​


Marcus's journey to recovery lead to many amazing and fantastic discoveries and awakenings. He received gifts of knowledge and wisdom, from far off places and ancient mystery schools. Marcus's journey took him on an 18 month odyssey to connect with and uncover the truth about each other, the planet and the universe. ​


This led Marcus to train as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Coach and start a Collage called the Australian College of Energetic Medicine. Here Marcus taught the Dimensional Therapy tools, techniques, wisdom and teachings to students over a 5 year period. After closing this College for many reasons Marcus sat and allowed the world to catch up to the energy. In truth Marcus allowed himself to catch up to the energy. ​


This catch up led Marcus to develop a multi-million dollar wellness business, Wellness Leadership Academy, a global education business helping wellness professionals to share more of their magic. ​


Recently the call became too strong for Marcus to ignore and the reactivation of the dimensional information came back. This has now led to the recreation of the work, to train and guide the raising of consciousness on the planet. To gather like minded souls to remember the healing arts and once again share this magic with a world desperate to embrace the truth.


So join us on a remembering of what you already know. An awakening of your true healing gifts. Allowing you to now bring your truth to the world and share your magic and you bring fourth your deeper knowing.

"Loved feeling the energy flowing both within myself and others. Felt a bit like a coming home but to no home that I've ever known before."



"It was a homecoming, an access to energies across space and time, an awakening."


Our Partners

Our Partners

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This is an On Demand Workshop, Click The Link Below to Get Access NOW!

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