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Supercharge Your Healing Practice

A 3 hour online workshop for wellness practitioners to learn a new framework for healing clients on a deeper energetic level, using dimensional coaching techniques.


See what our clients had to say about the Activator Coach Program...

Sally Estlin

"It's not too woo-woo, it's guided with a structure around it which I love"

Karen Kan
"That whole concept of the stability of the resonant energy field, that's so huge!"

Kim Parker

"It's getting to the root-root cause"

Sarah Spann

"I really like the depth of understanding that is coming through learning this"

Steve Yesowick

"I've always been looking for something higher level and this is probably the highest level I've ever experienced"


Sophia Harvey

"It's adding another layer to the stuff that I'm already doing in that energetic realm"

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