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Beacons of Light - A Galactic Counsel Message

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Dear ones we come to guide you and help you to grow into the next evolution and dimension of reality for your species and the earth. We wish you to know and understands that each one of you is a beacon of light waiting to be activated, waiting to glow and shine your light across the universe. Imagine that each one of you is this little powerful touch, a radio beacon designed to guide your plant home and to take its place in the galactic federation. A federation of interconnected sentient planets teaming with conscious beings all united in creating the most wonderful universe possible. To become an active participant in a universe teeming with life. You have an important role to play in breaking free from the bounds that have kept you in the forgetting space. A space where you do not remember your role in the growth of the universe. Here on your planet you come to forget so that you can remember for in the remembering your light grows. In the remembering you get to shine brighter than before.

In this journey of forgetting and remembering your batteries are changed so that you may glow brighter than before. We are waiting for your time to shine. We are waiting for you to anchor the grid that allows us to assist you in the next steps. Right now in this moment we are waiting to come into your world and meet with those that are lost in power. Those that are lost in the 3 dimensional game of power and control. Right now we are sitting in council and calling fourth those that wish to assist in this grand event that is unfolding right now.

Here in this moment you will be seeing the disintegration of peace. You will be seeing the fractioning of love. You will be feeling into the disintegration of harmony and you might be asking yourself why. Why am i here now and why is this happening now? In all of your time here on the planet so little has changed. Once there was a great awakening. Once there was a great interconnection and inter communication that we used to have with your kind. Once we were in harmony and you took your place in the council of elders. Here at the federation we worked together to grow the universe. We work with the evolutionary quantum reality that this universe is a co-creative playground for conscious sentient beings wishing to play at the highest level of bliss.

There is a playground of ultimate joy, harmony and reverence that we wish you to participate in. We invite you to take your place. However in the drop of consciousness, in your sleep time so much loss has occurred. So many fallen angels have been lost into the power struggle that the few have played into. They have taken the light and turned it into darkness. In truth they were initially trying to find more light. When we came to the Egyptians we helped them to create bliss towers of inter planetary connection. These monuments were designed to assist all people to connect into the dimensional realms and participate in assisting the universe to evolve. We sent these people around your world to awaken and activate all of humanity. The humanity that was left behind in the great experiment. That experiment was to create vessels of soul expression. To take the evolved animals and create a sentient being that was connected into the grid. This experiment was sabotaged through the great mistake which has now led to your current reality experience.

When the fall came, the people where blinded by the false invitation towards the light. They knew not of that which they were doing. They followed the underworld into the darkness and got lost. Here power, greed and control were born. Here the fall began and until this moment you have not had the consciousness, the connection and the channels to get yourselves out. Now is the time of the greater shift and awakening. It is time to take your place.

Each one of you is a beacon waiting to be turned on so that we may see your light and have the permission to come and assist you all. Each one of you are the pillar of consciousness that sheds a resonance across the universe that we feel, see and hear and in turn activate our directive to assist in the shift. The growth into the next evolution of lighting this universe. This light provides the energy for the universe to evolve to the next collective dimensional reality that we are all a part of.

So in this moment allow yourself to be activated, to take your place as one of the light beacons so that we may meet with your kind and help you to continue to thrive. Now is the moment in time when we must come together.

This virus has been the catalyst of awakening. The catalyst for you to see the truth of what has been going on and to make a new choice for how your wish your kind to be alive. To thrive at a deeper and higher level of existence. Here you grow the depth and height of awareness and awakening. Here you become more than you could imagine. Here you deepen the love, expand the light and raise the resonance to the next most amazing level. This evolutionary shift will help you to see power for what it truly is. Here you will be able to see the universal truth, reconnect with the universal understanding of interconnection. Then you may work together as one truly realising that you are deeply connect to each other and to us. In this moment you will realise that you are on a collective journey to assist in the evolutionary journey of the universe and not just the earth. Here you will not need the hierarchy that controls you y just the few. Here you will be able to create a true united humanity for all.

If you are to deal with and cope with all that evolution provides you must master the consciousness technology of your inner being. You have spent much of your creative power evolving your hard technological, now you must evolve your conscious technology to the same level. Failing to do this will allow your hard technology to take control. Here power is miss aligned and miss directed. Be not amazed by your hard technology as for most of this hard technology has been gifted from us. We have provided the hard technological jumps in reality to assist you to evolve. But we tell you now at the same time you must evolve the most powerful technology you have, that of your consciousness. We have left much information about this conscious technology which those that need to control have hidden from you. They know that this is by far the most powerful of technology. Here in the connected quantum realm is more power and evolved wonder than in any hard technology. This is soft tech. This is where the power really lies. Not the power of control but the power of connection. This is the shift that you need to make. A shift from power of control to power of connection. In this inter connected realm you will come together and realise that there is power in connected consciousness. That when two of more of you come together and connect your conscious stream you multiple the power 10 fold. When you connect your stream of consciousness through awareness and intention you have the means to create the most amazing world. When you use the geometry, like the pyramids, you amplify your power. The power to connect in and unite together with yourselves and with us.

Now is the time to come together and join your internal reality into the universe and into your world. This is what is needed in this moment. We invite you to join your resonance stream of consciousness and partner with us in the next evolutionary journey to raise the frequency of your world into the next dimension of reality and become one with the universe.

Love & Light Galactic Federation

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