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Get Into Rhythm

Dear ones it is with much love that we share these messages with you.

We tell you now that when you get in rhythm with the universe, get in sync with the tune it plays the one song, then harmonise with that tune, you realise you’re playing the same music just at a different octave. This one song, then calls in all of the power and creation ability of the universe to you. It literally sends the most amazing things to you. Your attraction capability and manifestation skills has more to do with being in sync with the universe than it does with you trying to make something materialise in your presence.

You see the resistance that you speak of is really just a disharmonic vibration caused by you hesitating to play your tune in rhythm with the grand universal song. To take your place in the universal orchestra of the oneness (the one song).

You see you were told your instrument was not good enough, worthy enough to play with the rest of the orchestra. That you, for some reason, forgot your tuner, your music and how to play the song. Now this is not possible as you were programmed with the song before you came here in your DNA. Before you chose to incarnate onto this planet. You were, are made from the song. The universal vibration is what made you manifest in physical form. Without such a song it would not be possible. It set the frame work and container for you to exist. Therefore one must assume you know the song, can play along in harmony and take your place in the grand universal orchestra.

Oh we wish you could see what we see. We wish you could hear what we hear. We wish you could embrace what we experience. This is the journey we are walking with you on, guiding you on supporting you on. This is the grand remembering moment that has been spoken about. This is the return to the grand orchestra, the grand hall, the return to the family of light.

It’s time to take you place in the orchestra and play your instrument, fully! It’s ok if you forget the song. It’s ok if you are rusty. It’s not ok to not play.

Release the expectations of the past, for those that told you to stop playing knew not what they were doing. Their naive effort to protect you, as a parent wishes to protect a child from humiliation and embarrassment, interfered with your natural rhythm and deep desire to play the song that resonates through your entire being. Your natural state is to play! Your natural state is to hum, sing, smile, be joyful in alignment with the song you feel in your heart, the song you are being called to play from your soul and the song that you mind naturally wants to emearse itself in.

This is your role! Go now and take your place in the orchestra and play. Know that at first it will feel strange and like you are playing out of tune but know this if you can hear that you are out of tune you can find your way back into the harmony. First comes the beat, so feel into it, then comes the rhythm, so move to it. Then comes the first few notes so be with it. Now play my amazing friend. Let this sound move you and guide you along the path of your deepest truth. Follow the notes as they dance across the music score.

This we know is the truth of all our existence. This is what we are all doing here in this moment. Allow yourself to express your version of the grand song in every moment of every moment of your existence. As you drive. As you work. As you speak to your child. As you wash the dishes. As you heal yourself and others. As you exist. Many are here to help you to tune into and play this grand music piece, together in harmonic resonance.

Love and light Ameed

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