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Fear not for this is the journey you have been waiting for...

Dear ones as you feel into the fear we ask you to hold the energy that you wish to have the experience of. We ask that you do not play into the low energetic vibrations that may run through your mind. There are things unfolding that you see that may be of concern to you. We ask that you hold that which you wish to ultimately receive. We wish for you to experience the love that is at the heart of the universal truth. We speak not of the potential of those things that most concern you for we wish not to amplify or add to the energetic disturbance that is being created.

One of the lessons that you are here to learn is the influence that your energy has on the whole. The power of your will, intention and perspective is far greater that you may realise. It has the power to manifest, create and even bring life back from the other side. Here we showed you this power.

We understand that it is easy to be swept away in the mind games of drama and concern, but it is in these moments that you must hold onto that which you wish to make manifest, It is important that you do not play into what it looks like in the moment but rather in what you wish the next moment to unfold into.

We are here with you and for you. We have journeyed the conscious evolution path and we understand the turbulence that transformation creates. There are some on your planet that believe they have the answer and will attempt to express this answer in ways you may not agree with. These answers are based on the ego led realm of existence, one that is of lower frequency. You see the truth that is possible is one of great threat to those who wish to control. When you reach the level of unified consciousness these egotistical contracts will seem amusing. The way you have thought and created reality will seem ironic. The pathway to unified consciousness is never easy, as some wish to hold onto the old in a disguise of the new. Some will fight the reality of a unification and oneness for all.

It is difficult for you to grasp the reality that the individual and the many can co-exist. That you can have your own identity and independence as a sovereign being yet at the same time be part of the unified collective where connection, collaboration and creation becomes the most beautiful solution to your together existence.

Until now your experience of this is often the loss of the self and the feeling of merging into the one, where your own identity, beliefs, creations cannot co-exist. But this is an old paradigm of experience and belief. This is one paradigm that will keep you from shifting the conscious construct into the higher dimensional existence.

In this new reality of a higher conscious state you will realise that at the heart of each of you is a key, a beautiful piece of the jigsaw puzzle that when placed together makes for the most enlightening and bright potential. The secret here is to explore the interconnected pieces and allow the intuitive journey to help them to fit together so that the picture of unified consciousness may appear. This image, this new reality, is like nothing you have experienced before. If you imagine the most beautiful scene in nature. The most ecstatic romantic connection or the most euphoric adventure this is what the new evolved connected experience is like. Here you can connect with everyone and realise this deep connection and collaborative creation.

The imperative for you is to now expand the possibility of the next moment of creation into this ecstatic reality. There has been much opportunity and time for you as a species to expand your conscious awareness but until now you have not embraced this adventure fully. You will see the time has come where your choices are fast collapsing and the only way out is through. This through experience will come with its challenges and concerns. It will ask of you to stabilise and centre your thoughts, emotions and knowings. It will ask of you, in every moment, to choose twhat you ultimately want to experience. What you choose to create and how you chose to navigate the turbulent waters of transformation.

We ask that you now come together in community and connect with the deeper truth of your soul. To find the place of knowing that understands the truth of our message. The place that feels into the unfoldingess of your experience. We ask that you connect in with each other at this level and allow the collaborative piece of the puzzle to appear. We request that you do not try to do this alone. We ask that you bring your collective energy together so that you may navigate this in unison and with the protection of the energy of universal love.

Fear not for what might unfold in front of you. Fear not for the energy that appears to be controlling the unfolding next moment. Fear not for there is help on its way. We are keepers of the universal truth. We are holders of the light. We are here to support and guide you, it is why we have come. We understand what is playing out in front of you. We ask that you now let go of disbelief, of feeling the injustice of the artificial conscious created matrix. We ask that you feel deep in your heart and express your highest soul resonance to stabilise the energetic field around you, your community and your planet. We ask that you come together to amplify the soul energetic truth of universal existence. And we tell you that you need not understand or recognise this truth in your mind. You must reach into your heart and soul to know this truth.

The time is fast approaching where the shift will happen. The energies are amplifying and spinning up faster. Be careful not to be caught in the spiral of these energetic forces but rather sit in the middle in silence and stabilise your energetic field. Maintaining your stability, your harmonic essence in the field of universal consciousness will allow you to navigate this time in more flow.

What you are noticing happening on your world is the purposeful destabilisation and the creation of disharmonic resonant fields. Those that know understand that the most powerful energies in the universe are stabilised and harmonic. Frequencies and vibrations of pure tones bring the geometries together and disharmony impure tones break down the geometric structures. These structures are what make your world manifest into the 4D existence that you experience. Some of the breakdown is naturally occurring to assist in the transition from one dimension to another however there are some that wish to take advantage of these disturbances, this turbulence and disruptive frequencies. Your role is to hold the resonance. This resonance is your pure, stabilised and harmonic frequency. The feeling of oneness, of being in flow and of total piece. You may think of this as pure love energy. To fully express this state you may need to forgive and let go. You may need to release and allow. You may need to unshackle yourself from old paradigms of belief. There is only one way out and that is through.

There is no avoiding the disruptive energies that need to be expressed so that you may take the journey through to the next dimension. Holding the true resonance and creating a stabilised field will support you to move those that wish to take advantage of this moment, this situation in a desperate grasp at controlling how and where the transition takes you.

The transition is happening and your role, which you have felt for most of your life, is to stabilise the energetic field of existence. To help align it to the universal truth and next dimensional reality that you are here to experience. The moment is almost here and we know that you will make it through. We are here to hold your hand and walk with you as you navigate this most amazing time. This rebirth into the family of light.

Love and light Ameed…

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