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Holding Responsibility

The maturing of a species is an event that creates much disharmony. As you grow and awaken your abilities to 'adult' yourself, you must leave behind the non responsibilities of childhood. To not fully own your role and responsibility in the unfolding of your world is the child experience and expression. If you leave the lights on you must take responsibility of having less electricity. If you rubbish the ocean you must take responsibility for the degradation of your waters. If you pollute the air you must take responsibility for the air you breath. Likewise if you pollute your mind, rubbish your heart or ignore your souls desire, you must take responsibility.

As your mentor guides, as our channel likes to refer to us, we are here to let you know that we understand the difficulty of this growth. We understand it is not easy to take responsibility. 'Adulting' is about responsibility. And for you in this moment this responsibility looks like the mastery of your heart and mind. The mastery allows you to open to the souls aspect, the quantum connection and the realising of just who you are. In this moment, the smallness that pollutes your heart and mind disappears. For this is the greatest of your inner pollution. For you have been guided into a false reality, perpetrated by generations placed in a lower consciousness orbit by those that sought and gained power. The construct of your mind matrix is such that the allowance of the majority left you vulnerable to influence. Subtle but profound influence. You lost the ability to own yourself. Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your doings. Your ability to follow the energy, and the ultimate in self mastery. You gave yourself away. This has left you in the child aspect where you do as you’re told. Not that we are asking you to rise up and rebel, but rise up in your consciousness and your heart connection. To elevate into your souls guidance and recommendations, the gentle journey into the truth of your existence. This daily focus is the requirement of a full adult in this dimension. For us, our offspring are living into this reality the moment they are greeted into this universe.

Now is the time that you must relanguage your inner world.

Words have power and in these moments we need you to understand that each and every utterance greats an energy. This energy keeps the resonance vibrating at a lower dimensional level. We ask that you begin the elevation process by first thinking and then feeling into the truth of who you are, loved, worthy, valuable. Second we would ask that you change your language to reflect the higher dimensional truth. Rewrite your language to expand the words into the soul aspect of reality. Here there is no relation to anything but the truth of the soul at a universal level. There is a grand language associated to the maritime reference. That you have created FriendSHIPS, RelationSHIPS, kinSHIP and many other similar references. When you are greeted into this world you are birthed, through the birth canal to be greet by DOCtor. The maritime relation keeps you ‘anchored’ in this lower dimension. It keeps you separated from your natural state of universal connection. It comes from the time you were all BIRTHED onto the planet. You came from a spaceSHIP, your offworld parents (GODS) who placed you here on your world...

Soul speak opens up your ability to connect once again into the universal truth. Your growth and 'adulting' is a return to this truth. Your ancient rituals are about this remembering. Your ceremonies are about this remembering. Your meditation and re-connection is about this remembering. You are far grander than you can imagine. We say this, not for the elevation of a desperate ego needing acknowledgment, but for a re-connection to a soul crying out for awareness. You see the ego wants to feel better and to feel important. The soul wants it to know itself again. The soul does not need to feel anything. The soul does not require anything. The soul wishes for you to know itself. The ego wishes to control itself, to be higher and better than another, for it to be special. The soul knows this 'special'. It knows the interconnectedness of this 'special'. It knows that when it responds to another, it is responding to itself.

This is the consciousness shift we are here to assist you with, to help guide you through and support you to reach this inevitable reality. This is important in a universe teeming with life. You are seen. You are loved. We are in this together.

Love and light Ameed

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