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When worlds collide

Oh, dear ones we love you for your concern and for reaching out in this moment. We have felt into the heightened energy, concern around the starting of your atom collider, the CERN large, although we would say incredibly small, collider.

This is but a bigger issue that you have chosen to make manifest. You see the conditions for ‘opening up’ or connecting to a portal will not be met by this activation. There is much more energy and many different ingredients that are required to open such a gateway. Although these gateways have been here on the planet, and are still here, this is not one of them.

Now even If that were possible from this machine to activate such a gateway or portal, then the conditions for the type of gateway or portal that you open into will depend greatly on the consciousness of both the operators and those that are sending energy to the operators and to the machine’s energy itself.

If you wish to understand and see this type of portal activation in action this is not the device for which it will happen. There are far more advanced technologies that are stored, waiting for knowledge and wisdom to assist in the operation of these star gates. As yet this information has not been provided for at this time the consciousness is not at the level of maturity required to operate such a machine.

If and when this is possible, and even in this moment right now, you need to understand that the opening and connection to other realms, and what that in turn brings through, is largely determined by your level of consciousness. Your world has been thrust into a conscious based matrix of control ignited many lifetimes ago by those that wish to manage the resources of your world. The one core mechanism that they have used throughout your history is fear.

There is a deeply constructed fear based conscious matrix that has entrained and trapped you and this is another opportunity to place fear within your neurological construct and cells. This fear-based construct is the very thing that, if it were possible now, bring forth the things that you fear in this moment.

The conditions to which you fear most will not be met by this activation however it can be used to highlight your own fear-based activation. We ask that you switch this fear-based activation off every time your experience it. We ask that you catch yourself before you allow this fear-based gene, which has been entrained and embedded into you over generations and in this life from a very early age. We ask that you replace this with love and compassion for the most amazing experiences that are to come.

We are here to assist and help you to reach conscious maturity where interdimensional gateways and portals will open up to your experience. Where one day we shall meet in an energetic resonance exchange that will allow you to experience the depth of love we have for you. As your galactic family we are here to assist in your growth and maturing so that we may welcome you once again into this galactic family.

For now, we wish for you to step into the opportunity to see this as an exciting step forward into the quantum universe that will assist and allow the continued unfolding of your awakening. For when you realise that the pathway to higher dimensional wisdom is not through the neurological mindscape of educated knowledge but rather through the deep connection to the inner intuitive wisdom that has access to these records. This connection will open up and allow the connection to your galactic family of helper beings that are waiting to show you the truth.

We are so grateful for your chosen participation in this theme park you call earth. We invite you to step up and forward into the light of open awareness, truth, and freedom. This is where we wait for you, ready to share the knowledge of a universe teeming with life. Our love for you is endless and boundless and we invite for you to experience this reality as the ultimate gateway to cosmic reunification.

Love and light Ameed

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