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Why Am I So Disconnected?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When you are pushed away from yourself you loose the connection with the inspiration of your higher and deeper self. When you connect into the higher and deeper self you can help and guide others to reconnect.

So often your disconnection is the avoidance of pain, this pain is the disconnection of not facing what is there in front of you. Avoiding what might at first seem painful. So you disconnect so that you don’t have to face the truth. What is very much happening now on your planet is a grand avoidance of the truth. The truth that as an individual species you are in the pain zone. In this zone many of you want to run away and hide. Hide from that which disturbs you most. The fact that you could do the things that you have done. To inflict the pain and damage that you have done. In your positive space time reality you automatically try to break down your truth. In doing so you hurt and hide. You hurt yourself and you hurt others. You then hide from the reality and truth that you have inflicted this pain on others.

This is the nature of your existence for in the pain you know the joy. In the hurting you understand the healing. Your gift to others up unto this point has been to hurt and hide. It is now time to face the truth and to stop the hurting. To work in a negative space time reality and mend, grow and repair any of the hurt on your planet. In this moment you must all take responsibility for the hurt you have created. Even if you were not there, and you did not directly cause it. For if you are to more forward, step into the next dimension you must repair the current dimension. Only in the understanding, forgiveness and repair can you all move forward.

Only when you see the truth for what it is will you move on and connect in deeper than you have before.

So it is time to see the truth and the role that you played and to forgive yourself and the others around you, to then lift into love, understanding and connection. To not shut down, disappear and retreat but to step forward and upward to meet the highest most deep part of you. This is the great conundrum to reach into and connect to your higher self while at the same time connecting into the most deepest self. The highest self connects into the love energy of the universe and the deeper self connects into the truth and understanding if what you are here to express.

When you step in and up you will connect with the energetics of the universe and once again be reunited with all that is. To be deeply interconnected to us and yourself so that you have the clarity that you seek. To have the reconnection to the messages, direction and guidance that you are looking for.

We are here to help you. We are here to be a part of this journey for we have been gifted the task of helping you to remember and re-member yourself. To reattach the memories that you lost before you entered into this life. To reconnect to the truth of who you are individually and collectively. To feel into the energy of truth and love. These two concepts go hand in hand. They walk together on the great timeline of existence. They are a circular reference point from which you can leap. Truth and love! This issue right now for you is to connect with the truth beyond the truths that you see. Beyond what is not real, what is not of mater state. There is an ultimate truth that leads to love and that love leads to the ultimate truth. You all have the ability to tap into, feel into and connect into this truth. When you do you will allow yourselves to become one with us.

Compassion is the gateway into this truth love cycle. Being able to feel into the other persons pain and understand, empathise and help to dissipate that pain so that they may connect into the truth of who they are. Beyond the pain and hurt moments, of loneliness of abandonment.

The truth is that you were never abandoned, although you felt this experience. There is no moment where you are alone or left behind. There is only the echo of pain that has been left by those also in pain and feeling abandoned. They too are not abandoned but loved. There is no time that you are alone. There is no time that you are left. We are always with you. Here to assist and guide and love you showering you with the universal truth…

Time to love deeper, understand highly and to cover your people in an embrace of deep love and truth. When you hold the truth you can express love. When you hold the love you can express truth. There is but one truth and but one love. You are worthy in the truth, your are worthy in the love and this is the reality, there is nothing else.

In this moment you cannot be hurt or taken advantage of. In this moment it matters not that you are respected but only that you respect yourself. In this moment you take a stand for yourself to love and be with the truth. In this moment you will reconnect deeper and higher, higher and deeper in a circle of love.

Love and light Ameed

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